Circular Pirkanmaa

Circular economy solutions for road and street construction and earthworks

Circular economy expertise, taking into account the entire construction process and its factors.

Would you like to introduce the circular economy perspective to road and street construction and earthworks?

We educate, spar, and produce circular economy expertise for infrastructure construction.

We observe the process comprehensively, all the way from planners to excavator operators, bringing in the newest data from both international and national experts. This allows all integral operators of the process to acknowledge the proper elements in their own work, enabling a new kind of operational environment for circular economy.

What can KiPi help you with?

We meet both small and big needs of road and street construction and earthworks. Don’t hesitate to contact us: we’ll find the appropriate network and tools for taking your goals past the finish line.

  • we produce procurement criteria and documents for municipalities

  • we participate in piloting new operational models and methods and, when necessary, we participate in project applications

  • we inform regional operators about legislation and EU-level goals to secure an anticipatory operational environment

  • we provide a comprehensive report for legislators, supervisors, and decision-makers – when necessary, we also adapt operational environments on national bottle neck areas

  • we are also participating in the development of measures and, for example, initiatives related to mass coordination

What kind of a partner is KiPi?

We are a likeable, goal-oriented group of operators with a relaxed attitude. We are genuinely driven to find the solutions you need.

We influence our environment in a way many operators are not used to. We are aiming for shared benefits and changing operational environments in strong cooperation with municipalities and businesses, whose dialogue we are also aiming to increase.

Together, for better success!