Circular Pirkanmaa

KiPi – Kiertotalous Pirkanmaa

We will harness the powers of both the public sector and private businesses to create regional influence and impact together with commercial success for businesses.

Vitality from Circular Economy for Pirkanmaa

Circular Economy Pirkanmaa, or KiPi, is a regional, publicly funded development centre for circular economy founded in 2023 and operated by Ekokumppanit Oy. We help municipalities and businesses to transition from a traditional economy based on the consumption of natural resources to sustainable circular economy.

Our mission statement is to develop operational models for circular economy in three, regionally significant themes (building, road, and street construction, industrial material flows) that will help us to promote and strengthen circular business operations. These assist the municipalities of Pirkanmaa region to meet the goals of upcoming low-carbon circular economy agreement and promote green transition, resource efficiency, and goals related to climate change mitigation.


We are open and transparent. We are aiming for shared benefit. We participate and enable active dialogue. We are constantly evaluating and assessing our own operations while keeping our gaze directed at the future.

Our Mission

We help operators to face the challenges of circular economy transition and offer concrete solutions. We act as an instrument for regional change and for achieving vitality and competitive edge through circular economy.

Our Vision

Circular Economy as the New Framework of Economy.

We are transforming operational environments in a completely new way

We at KiPi influence our environment in a way many operators are not used to. We are aiming for a shared benefit instead of our own, and we are genuinely transforming operational environments in strong cooperation with municipalities and businesses, whose dialogue we are also actively promoting.

We have several years of experience related to cooperation with public and private sectors who have praised our way of operating – we prefer listening and asking to telling others what to do. Our ability to listen, ask, and analyse the correct path from what we heard is based on strong customer insight, versatile and established expertise, and the competences of our partners.

We hold extremely extensive and relevant networks of circular economy on the regional, national, and EU-levels, and our partners have access to this information through us as well. Together, we create a systematic transition to circular economy.

What is circular economy about?

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Circular economy is the economy model of tomorrow, focusing on retaining the material value in societal processes as high as possible, for as long as possible.
An Economy Model
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Circular economy is not just about recycling: it is rethinking and imagining the core processes, such as planning and material flow. This process results in all operations running in accordance with the principles of resource efficiency.
Resource Efficiency
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In general, about 90% of decisions making or breaking circular economy are made during the planning stage of products, processes, and services.

Aiming for a systematic transition to circular economy

We have great ambitions: we want to witness the systematic transition to circular economy, with resource efficiency and closed loops at the core of our intervention logic.

Currently, we are living in a linear economy. In 2018, the circular material use rate of Finland was about 7 percent, while the average in EU was about 11 percent (FN: Strategic Programme for Circular Economy). Furthermore, operators such as the construction sector are responsible for about 40 percent of global emissions, largely due to the production of raw materials.

For the implementation of systematic transition to circular economy, the operational culture of organisations and the core of everything we do must go through big and courageous changes. We understand the gravity of this goal, and reaching it takes more than just us, but we are ready to raise to the challenge and offer tangible help to implement the change.

Finnish Goals for Circular Economy*

*Circular Economy Green Deal and Uusi suunta (New Direction) programme by the Finnish Government

  • Preventing the domestic increase in total consumption of natural resources

  • Achieving the carbon neutrality goal

  • Doubling resource productivity

  • Doubling the portion of recycled material in relation to all consumed materials