Circular Pirkanmaa

Business growth from circular economy

We support and help you to increase circular economy integration in your operations – one action or project at a time.

Together towards circular economy

Circular economy is the economy model of tomorrow. In addition to new business opportunities, circular economy offers companies clear advantages for branding and assists in securing the essential self-sufficiency for raw materials. The less dependent the business is in terms of raw materials produced elsewhere, the more self-sufficient it can be in the future.

We help you to increase the role of circular economy in your operations one step at a time. We offer services around three main themes: building, road, and street construction, earthworks, and industrial material flows.

Business sparring for circular economy around three themes

Road and street construction, and earthworks

Building construction

Industrial material flows

Concrete and functional assistance for the twists and twirls of circular economy

Feel free to contact us if you are considering increasing the role of circular economy in your business operations. We aid with all things home, road, and street construction, earthworks, and industrial material flows.

We can help you by:

  • establishing dialogue with municipalities

  • harnessing procurement to serve new circular economy innovations

  • co-developing through trials, projects, and procurement

We are genuinely interested in hearing the needs of your business. This allows us to come together with other operators to guide operational environments towards a situation in which creating fresh business opportunities and gaining competitive edge with circular economy becomes reality.  

Our goal is to narrow the gap between legislators, businesses, and authorities, and to work as a trustee for businesses, collecting the needs for the promotion and development of supervision and legislation, to name a few.

What is circular economy about?

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Circular economy is the economy model of tomorrow, focusing on retaining the material value in societal processes as high as possible, for as long as possible.
An Economy Model
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Circular economy is not just about recycling: it is rethinking and imagining the core processes, such as planning and material flow. This process results in all operations running in accordance with the principles of resource efficiency.
Resource Efficiency
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In general, about 90% of decisions making or breaking circular economy are made during the planning stage of products, processes, and services.