Circular Pirkanmaa

New regional vitality from circular economy

We are your partner for reaching your sustainability and carbon neutrality goals.

Together towards circular economy

KiPi offers municipalities concrete and functional support for circular economy: tools, sparring, and networks, with which we shall take successful steps towards circular economy and additional vitality provided by this process together. Furthermore, circular economy is a great method for strengthening local security of supply. 

Our services are focused on three key themes: building, street, and road construction, earthworks, and industrial material flows. These elements encompass the greatest economic and environmental benefits for circular economy solutions. 

Municipalities who join the circular economy ride first will benefit the most, reaching their sustainability and carbon neutrality goals and acting as trailblazers. This process directs funding and investments to your region. Pirkanmaa already has an established repetition in circular economy, and this advantage should not be dismissed.

Low-threshold assistance for circular economy – find more about our services

Road and street construction, and earthworks

Building construction

Industrial material flows

Concrete assistance for the twists and twirls of circular economy

If you need concrete and functional support for implementing circular economy changes, contact KiPi. We offer services for building, street, and road construction, earthworks, and industrial material flows.

We offer:

  • business sparring for the strategic planning and implementation of circular economy

  • extensive networks of circular economy experts – we untie the knots around knowledge and competences and bring different operators and suppliers together

  • tools for guiding factors such as procurement, land-use, and plot allocation towards circular economy

  • market dialogue between businesses – you will receive information and data on new innovations, services, and their functionality for the development of procurement, allowing your procurement process to better match the market offering

  • digested and comprehensible data on completed (successful) pilots, trials, and new innovations (incl. the Kissanmaa circular economy themed plot allocation, circular economy procurement of Yliopistonkatu, or ECO3 industrial symbiosis business area)

What makes KiPi a great partner for circular economy?

We understand the versatility and varied needs of municipalities around Pirkanmaa, an area where our actions have received high praises – we prefer listening and asking above telling.
We hold strong expertise in national and international strategy, legislative processes, and their impact on the operational environment of municipalities (incl. the national Circular Economy Green Deal).
Green Deal
We are working on influencing others in a way most operators are not used to – we are aiming for a shared benefit, not our own.
Shared benefit