Circular Pirkanmaa

We bring suitable parties and people around the same table

Together, we bring forth the systematic transition to circular economy.

We are just as good as our networks and partners

KiPi holds extremely extensive and relevant networks of circular economy on the regional, national, and EU-levels, and our partners have access to this information through us as well.

We see the value of participation in national and international processes. Participation allows us to be present and influence the decision-making taking place and act as a messenger for local operators. As an example, we shared information on the new EU and national level strategies for circular economy and legislation with direct impact on the activities of both businesses and municipalities.

Our key interested parties are municipalities and businesses. In addition to new procedures, we offer these parties opportunities to increase vitality and gain competitive edge.

Systematic transition to circular economy demands the effort from a significant group of other operators, with whom we cooperate closely. We always ensure that we have the right parties and people participating in our collaboration efforts. Often the managerial level is not enough: we need excavator operators and procurement experts as well. 

KiPi’s significant networks, both national and international


Motiva/Kiertotalous Suomi
Business Finland
Research Institutions
Sector-specific umbrella organisations


EU (Circular Economy Action plan ja mm. rahoitus)
Circular Cities and Regions (CCRI)
Hubit (Hubs4circ)
Large development projects