Circular Pirkanmaa

Circular economy solutions for home construction

If you need circular economy perspective for building construction, we are your partner.

Circular economy expertise for building construction

We offer circular economy expertise for home construction by business sparring and gathering urban planners, building supervisors, plot allocators, and businesses around the same table (incl. planners, builders, manufacturers of materials, and demolition companies).

In addition, we offer the newest available data from both international and national experts, so that all integral operators of the process can acknowledge the proper elements in their own work, enabling a new kind of operational environment for circular economy.

What can we help you with?

  • we produce plot allocation and procurement criteria and models
  • we offer and produce targeted tools for municipalities to calculate CO2 emissions in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act
  • we participate in piloting new operational models and methods – when necessary, we also participate in project applications
  • we produce measures for the development of the sector and trend supervision in cooperation with higher education and research institutions etc.
  • we produce information on legislation and EU objectives (incl. taxonomy) for regional operators which, in turn, helps us to create an anticipatory operational environment
  • we document good (and bad) experiences and communicate our success stories to larger audiences
  • we enable market dialogue – we map the needs and offering of businesses, creating understanding over the needs and possibilities of businesses for the public sector

What kind of a partner is KiPi?

We are a likeable, goal-oriented group of operators with a relaxed attitude. We are genuinely driven to find the solutions you need.

We influence our environment in a way many operators are not used to. We are aiming for shared benefits and changing operational environments in strong cooperation with municipalities and businesses, whose dialogue we are also aiming to increase.

Together, for better success!