Circular Pirkanmaa

Industrial material flows

Our goal is to create regional industrial symbioses.

We act as the orchestrator of industrial material flows

Forming symbioses often requires a group of operators who are not used to cooperating. KiPi collects the opinions and perspectives of these varied operators on the possibilities of circular economy in the framework of industrial symbioses, including the possible contradicting values.

We survey and map out the most significant regional material flows and processes, locate and identify important networks and gather them around the same table and, when necessary, help with facilitating the discussions. We also reconcile processes of varied operators and facilitate dialogue between public and private sectors. Our goal is to create regional industrial symbioses. Important questions and themes for our operation include the definition of value and plausible actions, with special emphasis on the perspective of local objectives and participating businesses.

Pirkanmaa hosts a considerable amount of manufacturing operators who generate several different material flows which, in turn, are currently considerably underutilised. Let’s head towards industrial symbioses, one successful step at a time.

What can KiPi help you with?

  • Goal-oriented dialogue: KiPi has access to comprehensive regional, national, and international networks. We identify significant regional challenges and assemble a comprehensive team of professionals from several fields to raise to the challenge, enabling a novel type of collaboration and tailored actions to identified bottle necks.

  • Recognising common potential: KiPi facilitates the dialogue on defining the most significant problems worth solving now and in the future with public and private sectors. In addition, KiPi participates in evaluating future market needs.

  • Market dialogue: we gather public and private sectors around the same table. We focus on helping public operators to comprehend the reality of businesses and developing municipal operations (incl. procurement and industrial policy) towards a business environment capable of enabling circular economy.

  • Selection and development of themes: in cooperation with other participants, KiPi evaluates the most potential development goals and most valuable industrial resource flows. We help you to identify areas for development and develop follow-up procedures (incl. projects and business needs for commercial success) to finish processes. Furthermore, we can evaluate the impact of operations continuously.

What kind of a partner is KiPi?

We are a likeable, goal-oriented group of operators with a relaxed attitude. We are genuinely driven to find the solutions you need.

We influence our environment in a way many operators are not used to. We are aiming for shared benefits and changing operational environments in strong cooperation with municipalities and businesses, whose dialogue we are also aiming to increase.

Together, for better success!