Circular Pirkanmaa

We assist municipalities and businesses to succeed in circular economy

Digested information and proven solutions for circular economy in three key themes.

Easily accessible, established circular economy expertise

Are you missing expert-level circular economy competences for a project or core operations? Are you perhaps planning a pilot on circular economy, and could use some sparring for financing applications?

We help municipalities and businesses to increase the percentage of circular economy in their operations. When appropriately implemented, circular economy provides municipalities with new vitality and companies with fresh business opportunities while offering considerable benefits for branding.

Our services are focused on three key themes: home, street, and road construction, earthworks, and industrialmaterial flows. These elements encompass the greatest economic and environmental benefits for creating circular economy solutions. 

Together towards circular economy – find more about our services

Road and street construction, and earthworks

Building construction

Industrial material flows

What kind of a partner is KiPi?

We are a likeable, goal-oriented group of operators with a relaxed attitude. We are genuinely driven to find the solutions you need.

We influence our environment in a way many operators are not used to. We are aiming for shared benefits and changing operational environments in strong cooperation with municipalities and businesses, whose dialogue we are also aiming to increase.

Together, for better success!